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La Jolla Luxury Hard Wax 22lbs

La Jolla Luxury Hard Wax 22lbs

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Our La Jolla Luxury hard wax is our expert formula.


• Creamy, low-temperature, fast drying
• Ideal for fine to coarse hair removal
• Hypoallergenic & sensitive skin friendly

Cruelty free

Each bag is 2.2lbs. You will receive (10) 2.2 lb bags to equal 22lbs total

Ingredients: Hydrogenated Rosin, Hydrogenated Soy
Glycerindes, Chlorinated Paraffin, Butylene/Ethylene/
Styrene Copolymer #46 Soft Wax, Octadecanoic Acid,
Palmitic Acid, Colorant, Titanium Dioxide,
Violet Fragrance


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Crystal Cove

Our Crystal Cove hard wax was inspired by the beautiful Crystal Cove State Beach, located in Newport Beach, CA.